Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Review of 2013

Not really a review of the year, but a review of the goals I set out.  They weren’t many, but I like to keep things simple.  Sadly, simple and easy don’t get along very well.

Two things came off the list, one was to finish my Phase VI and get promoted.  Done!  Life is good, though it did suck up almost every useful moment from January to the end of March.  Still, totally worth it, as my final board went really well.

The second was to have more miniatures painted than I had before.  Also a win, though barely as it was only a few Eldar as well as some RPG minis.  More on those later.  Still a win though.

As for finishing the first draft of Queen’s Legacy, well, no.  That didn’t happen.  So, it’s on me to get on that and put the effort in to get it done.  Some cases, I had good reason (see getting promoted, above), and in others, I just got lazy/procrastinated.  All it does is push back the eventual publish date (or that of the next, or the next).  On the plus side, I found new energy in the story, and later months were much better for getting writing done, especially once I decompressed from all the studying/working early in the year.

In the end, I have myself to blame for successes, lack of successes and outright failures.  In between goals, we had a lot of fun playing games as a family, I started a new Pathfinder campaign which now plays regularly and got some things sorted out around the house (yes, we’re still unpacking and organizing).  We also got out to Big White ski resort (more on that later too).

Overall, 2013 was pretty good.  Now going into 2014:

  1. Finish Queen’s Legacy first draft
  2. Begin the editing process on Queen’s Legacy
  3. Begin planning the next writing project (during the necessary downtime after Queen’s Legacy first draft)
  4. Paint some more models (finish a whole army would be nice)

That’s about it.  More time spent in the writing chair.  In between there’ll be games, some vacations and some sailing time.

Looking forward to it.

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