Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Adventurers, Part 2

Here are the next two miniatures I painted over the holidays.  As before, my photo setup is rudimentary (actually, primitive would be a more fitting descriptor), so there's a bit of glare from the flash, and the lighting in the office isn't top notch).  First is Chalderos the wizard.

Chalderos was a lot of fun to paint. As with the others, I started with the player's favourite colour, which was red. The cloak was a joy to paint. I'm also in love with P3's Coal Black colour. It's a black with tones of blue-green and looks really good. For those keeping track, the cloak is Skorne Red.  I kept to more natural colours for the rest, so as not to overshadow the main colours. It was tough though. Wizards and other spellcasters can be a pain, due to all the pouches, scrolls, vials and other gear they carry.  I want to make it interesting, but too much variance and it becomes a clownish riot of colour.  I think it turned out well, mostly using bronze and leather colours.  The base is part metal, part sculpted.  Since I put the minis on spare Warhammer 40k bases, I usually have to build up the base with putty to finish it off.  In this case, I sculpted a continuation of the stonework that was the original base. Once painted, you can't tell the difference.  To top it off, the green gem on the staff finishes the mini, adding a complement to the red.

The next one is my daughter's mini, Kyra the cleric of Desna. For this one I used blue. Mainly as it is a traditional Desnan colour, but also because I used her favourite colour (purple) for a mini in another campaign.

The blue is Cygnar Blue from P3 again.  I love this colour. The character is mostly robe, so the blue dominates the miniature.  I went with more neutral colours for the rest of her clothes, even over my daughter's objections to the linen pants (told you it would look great!). The hair also worked well, the rich brown turned out just like I expected.  It's hard to see in the photos, but I did a stylized silver butterfly (one of Desna's symbols) on the robe.  Following the curve of the robe on curved wings ... ugh.  It came out pretty decent though, so I'm happy with it.

Needless to say, the kids were pleased, and we'll have plenty of games to come with them.

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