Thursday, September 21, 2006

Been a while

Sweet mercy, has it really been since June that I've put anything up? Where did summer go? Much as I look forward to winter, it feels like the time just swooshed by (much like deadlines).

Almost finished the scene breakdowns. 'But that was supposed to happen ages ago.' you say. Yes, but as ever, my optimistic view of getting things done was destroyed by the arrival of our new daughter, in June. Thus, in my forgetting of how much work a newborn actually is, my timing is a bit off. Oh well, some things are worth shoving schedules around for. Nevertheless, I've almost broken the story down, and let me say, there are some pretty cool scenes I'm planning. Hopefully I can pull them off and get the impact I'm aiming for. It felt pretty good to get done what I have, actually, so I'm not too worked up over being behind.

Since I'm sneaking a post in at work on lunch, I shall leave you all to get back to work. However, more (and more regular) to follow.