Sunday, January 07, 2007

7k Total

After ten days of writing, I've managed a substantial 7421 words. I've stuck to 1 hour minimum per day, and I seem to be able to crank out from 700-800 words. Not bad. I'd love to increase that, but I'm happy to roll with a steady total for now. Once I've been able to produce that on a regular basis, then I'll up the ante and shoot for more.

I've found the hour/day target reasonable, as it allows for the day job, household tasks that can't be moved, and time for my family too. I only wish I could forgo sleep completely. That would free up lots of time.

The one thing I noticed, was that I took Friday off. I made up for it on the weekend, piling Friday's slot in the rest, but this may be a trend. Friday seems to be the one night where the whole week comes crashing down and I'm just bagged. Then Saturday morning I have loads more energy. We'll see, but I think it's a promising start. That whole journey of a thousand steps starts with one idea.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Another day, another hour

Another successful hour of writing. That's been my goal. Spend at least an hour a day writing. Ass-in-chair kind of work. So far it's paid off. You could call it a New Year's resolution, though I generally don't make those. I figure, if it's worth resolving, then it's worth doing it as soon as you think of it. I think the holidays just gave me a recharge from the day job, which helps ease the general fatigue of full-time work.

I've managed to pull anywhere between 600 and 800 words per hour, with few revisions. I'll pull a word here, tuck one there, but I try not to go back. I've re-read only to find my place again. I've already seen some places where I'll need more description. I'm focused on action, dialogue and trying to get my characters' voices out. I figure that's what revision is for. Only when the whole thing is done will I go back (unless I find a glaring continuity error, but let's burn that bridge when we come to it).

So far so good. Feels like being a 'real writer.' Now, off to the elliptical trainer. Must continue training for the ski season. Then offerings to Uller for snow.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Welcome to 2007

Hello all, and Happy New Year!
Welcome to 2007. I'm still wondering where 2006 went, but sometimes that just seems the norm.
I hope your holidays were good (and good to you). I hope those of you who are aspiring writers like myself made your word counts, finished those projects, or met whatever goals you set.
Me, I didn't meet all my goals, but I feel I made good progress, and learned a great deal. I'll list some of those learnings in a future post. Right now I've made my words for the day, and am just getting coffee, lunch and various and sundry other things ready before turning in.

I have found, though, that I've had to push for discipline. Both before I started the prose of the novel, and now that I've waded my way into chapter 2. It is definitely difficult to sit down and work hard at something when you've already put in an 8 hour (or more) day. That is something I'm still pushing, I'll freely admit.

The other is the nature of writing. I've managed, now that I've spent some time writing the prose, to finally send my internal editor to the back seat, and let the words come. Now, I tend to fight that editor's tendency to constantly thing "it's crap" and keep plunging on. I tell my editor (the demonic little wretch) that he can have his say in revision. I have avoided going back over what I did previously, except a skim read to catch up on and regain the groove of the scene.

So far, it's working. That, and my desire to prove I will do this. Not for anyone else but me.