Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Order out of Chaos

This year also marks the final battle against Chaos in my basement.  After living here five years and making only small progress on the remaining basement areas to be cleaned up and organized, the time has come to finish the job.

That and a damned fool cat has made a mess of my tool area by knocking stuff down off the shelves.  On the plus side, I've gotten words in every day for the last few days (save this past weekend, in which we went to Vancouver for my daughter's synchronized swim meet).  On the down side, I just don't feel like wrestling the last bunch of boxes into some semblance of order.

That said, I will also be able to get my comic books sorted out and on some shelves (which will need to be built), so in the long run it will be good.

Maybe some pictures to follow.

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