Sunday, May 04, 2008

On its way

My writing material is now on its way to me in Esquimalt, courtesy of the most wonderful woman in the world, my wife. This is also the woman who, when I suggested giving up an engineering career to join the Navy, wasn't surprised. The one who said, basically, 'okay.' So yes, the most wonderful woman ever.

Along with inline skates and several D&D books. So now I just have to wait a week or so for the stuff to arrive, and remember to never, ever, outline in hardcopy only ever, ever again. Never. Ugh.

At least it's on its way. Then I can begin plugging away again. Hopefully spend an hour a night or so. At least work towards that, but we'll also see what the Navy loads me up with. Once I get settled with the course routine then the writing schedule will fall out also.

I also have had some readers on the first four chapters that I've written. Responses are positive, but also some good criticisms. I've filed them away for now, as there's no going back. Even over the things I've seen with Queen's Legacy. Just made the notes, and filed them away. I have to push forward only.

At least I've been able to control the growth of new stories. I often get good story ideas (or even average ones with potential) at the most unlikely times. I try to record them, and just stuff them in a folder in my desk for later use. Otherwise, I'll have a half-dozen starts and outlines, with nothing on its way to completion. Mind you, some are pretty interesting. Maybe some outlining while I wait for Canada Post to work it's magic wouldn't hurt.

For now, I have shirts to iron and some shoes to polish.


Bernita said...

"All the nice girls love a sailor..."!

Rowan said...

Suffice to say my wife loves the uniform. Very much so...