Monday, May 19, 2008

More Words

Finally braced myself and dove back into the WIP today. After a rather slack weekend (pure indulgence, but I feel no shame), I've pounded out a grand total of 817 words! Don't all go nuts at once now. This brings my total to 12 324 words. Hmmm, doesn't sound as impressive saying it out loud again. (yes, I'm saying it out loud as I type, you can't hear it, but it's happening)

Still, I was going to stop as I have some ironing and other chores to do before bed but I couldn't. That, more than any abstract word count, is what felt good. That continuous push, when the CD has ended, the lights are all out because you haven't turned them on and you are ignoring chores because it's just hitting the page. I won't say easily, because I really had to work for these words. Maybe I've shaken the rust off, but just getting them out. Hard to describe, really.

So now I'll waste some time writing a blog entry. Naturally. :-) Nothing like a little procrastination before shining shoes. Bleh.

It does feel good to get back in the groove. Now I just have to maintain that forward motion. Today's scene was a bit of a character builder, though I didn't get through it all. A bit slow, but I'll save those considerations for the rewrite. Next up, the meeting of the love interest!


Bernita said...

There are days if I manage 200 words, I'm doing fine.
Forward motion is the thing.

Rowan said...

It's all about the forward motion, Bernita. No doubt there. I can already tell there'll be some slicing and dicing in the rewrite, but ever onward!
Most days, I'm closer to the 300 mark, but the other day I was just on it.