Wednesday, April 30, 2008

On to the next phase

Just catching up on things with my shiny new laptop. Right now I'm at the Naval Officer Training Centre, in Esquimalt, BC to begin the next phase of training. I graduated April 24 from basic officer training, and my wife and I got married that evening! Fortunately, she is sending my writing notes and such things, as well as the files, so I can keep plugging away, in the few shreds of spare time I might have. I plan to keep this blog to writing, but some Navy stuff will likely creep in. Can't help it, this job is so much cooler than my last one. Once I get my writing sorted out and back in line, I'll have more to say.

I certainly realized while on basic training just how much I missed writing (or any other creative outlet for that matter). Now that I'm outfitted here, I can keep going and get the ideas flowing. That and there are several good readers who want my stuff in the group, plus one published author! Life is pretty good, and will get better. I've heard the next course will allow some free time after the work day and on weekends, so I'm looking forward to pouring all the new experiences into the imagination mill and grinding them up to reform into good stories.

Anyway, while I wait for the mail, there are persons waiting on me to have a few wobbly pops. Next time I'm making my outline digital, instead of handwritten hardcopy. Gaaah. That one's biting me on the arse now. Oh well, learn for next time.

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