Tuesday, May 13, 2008

It's here!

Now my writing binder has arrived! Along with a box full of D&D books and assorted other bits. Spent most of last night sorting everything into my quarters here on base. This morning I opened up the binder to my outline, and realized I have a lot of review to do. Time to get my head wrapped back around the book. Nevertheless, it's a relief to have it here to work on, even if I have to wrap its schedule around the Navy's.

Tonight, my goal is to review and get back on it. Tomorrow I'll begin throwing some words at the page and see if I'm 'on' or not. Of course, if not, I'll just keep going. I'm already itching to fire my keyboard at certain scenes, but patience. No need to rush in and make a hash of it. Get it all sorted out first. Which is typical for me. Take some time to get my head sorted, and I can do a much better job. Rush in and it's all a mess. No offence to those seat-of-the-pantsers out there, but that's not how I work.

Now, off to work.

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