Tuesday, August 25, 2015

New Library

The move is done, things are sorted, and the house is almost fully put together.

Considering here I wrote about the 'Geek Cave' that I had built in our old house, I figured it was time to show the new work area.  After several (where several = five) iterations, I determined that there was no way to have the gaming area in the library.  However, since this is the west coast of Canada, the garage will do nicely for gaming.  Considering the heat we've had this summer, it was nice to be able to open the huge door.

At any rate, here's the view coming into the library.

Moving in a bit, we see more of the shelves with Cygnarans and about half the library.  The center shelf under the light cuts the room in two.
A quick turn to the left shows the desks (painting and writing).  As well as the obligatory cat in the office chair (hi Cassandra!).  Lots of Warhammer miniatures back there, and I finally have power to the lights in the miniatures cabinets.
Moving in past the office chair leads to my reading chair, with another cabinet of miniatures.  It's a bit of a tight fit, but the chair comes out if I need to really dig back there.
Turning around we can see a view from the chair.
And a close up of the two desks.
 Note the cats lurking on the chair (Cassandra) and under the painting table (Oliver).  House beasts in their natural habitat.  This is more detail into the other half of the library, and if you look closely past the empty miniatures cabinet (soon to be filled with painted goodness), the door beyond leads to a bathroom.
With a shelf, of course, because that's what library bathrooms should have.
Looking out from the bathroom, the rest of the library.
And finally, in the garage, the gaming table, with stereo system and refrigerator.  Also, some newly painted space battle boards for the Firestorm Armada game.  More on that one later.
Not like we put cars in the garage or anything.

More house beasts lurking about to see what's going on.  That would be (L-R) Tyr, Cassandra and Oliver.

Finally, Mr. Tyr is wondering why I'm aiming the silly device at him.

That is my writing, painting and gaming space.  Already the gaming table has been blooded with wargames and RPGs, there's work in progress on the painting table, and I have my notes for Queen's Legacy.  Now I am unstoppable! (with feline minions too)

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Matti wilson said...

It looks absolutely great! Your Grandad's old oak desk fits in beautifully. A cozy nook for reading and contemplating. Nice place for the girls to visit and Claire of course. You and your dad can talk politics all your want in this room!! Love the lit up miniature cases. The gaming table with all the chairs, great set-up. All I can say "WOW".
Not to mention all the reading material, you must be pleased with this.