Thursday, September 24, 2015

Elven Druid

Here's another recent finish, an Elven Druid from Reaper Miniatures.  I started this one before the move, but didn't have time to get her done before everything had to by packed up.

One thing that I feel turned out splendidly was the skin tone.  It's P3 Khardic Flesh, shaded with a mix of Khardic Flesh and Skorne Red, then Khardic Flesh and Battledress Green.  Then a selectively applied shade of Skorne Red and Battledress Green for the deep shades.  Then highlighted up with Khardic Flesh and Midlund Flesh.  Key here: lots and lots of thin layers.  That gave me the smooth transitions.

The loincloth is P3 Gnarls Green highlighted with Iosan green, and the leather parts are Umbral Umber washed with first edition GW brown ink, then highlighted by mixing in Rucksack Tan, but only a bit to keep it dark.

Her hair turned out rather well, and it's Bootstrap Leather with Moldy Ochre mixed in for the highlight, also after a brown ink wash on the basecoat.  The blades are Pig Iron, Cold Steel and Quicksilver with Molten Bronze for the guards.

If the eyes look a bit strange, it's because she is painted as a Pathfinder elf, where the iris of the eye goes all the way to the edge, so there's no visible sclera.  Since Pathfinder is the primary fantasy RPG I play, I do tend to paint my non-wargaming models to fit that world.

The only horrifying part came when it was time to varnish the model.  Somewhere, the varnish I have turned, and it came out making her look like she was covered in frost.  Fortunately, I only applied a small amount, and was able to brush it off with a medium bristle brush without damaging the paint job.  Always check your sprays before applying to the model if they haven't been used in a while.

The miniature, by the way, is "Anjanis, Elf Druid" from Reaper's Dark Heaven Line (#03406).

I think I'll have to lighten up the background a little bit, but the photos turned out reasonably well.

Next up is the Razorthorn class battleship for the Firestorm Armada game.


Matti wilson said...

She has quite a solid sturdy body. I guess because she is a Druid? What do I know! Nice paint job and the coulours are great, swords I like. Another nice figure!
That ship looks like a nice project too.

Rowan said...

The ship is turning out quite nice. I'll post more when it's done, but a wash with Armour Wash and some detailing should make it pop. Then hull number, might go with 331.