Sunday, June 28, 2015

Some progress

Ugh, what a week.  Did lots of painting before unpacking, so a lot of stuff is still boxed up.  Much easier to do it that way, but I'm painted out.

I've also been organizing my library/game room.  Wow, on the third iteration of the layout (photos soon, when it's done).  Having a library bought and designed for one house, made do with the next, now this one is proving to be a challenge.  Looks like part of it might end up in the garage, but that will be mostly wargames terrain, binders and other things that aren't sweet, precious books.  It's a challenge to get everything in with the gaming table, but on the bright side my miniatures cabinets have the lights hooked up again.  Small victories.

Soon, more models, more writing (when I find my reference binder) and more gaming!

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