Saturday, March 28, 2015

Hadrian Atheliar, Wizard

Here's some more painting goodness for you.  This is the model I painted to represent my Pathfinder Society character, a half-elf wizard named Hadrian Atheliar, and his familiar Silver.  All paint colours are Privateer Press' P3 paint line unless noted otherwise.

Here's the two of them:

Here's some detail on the cat, Silver, painted and named after my first cat.

I even included the white patch where her fur grew back after an injury.  This is, in some way, a tribute to my best friend for seventeen years.  Her colour is Ironhull Grey, shaded with a black ink wash and highlighted by adding Morrow White.  The eyes are Ochre Yellow with some Cygnus Yellow to match some older photos.

Here's some more detail on the wizard.  The coat was painted to have silver thread in the white panels, and the blue is Cygnar base and highlight.  The trousers are Beast Hide and the shirt Menoth White (all with appropriate highlights/shades).

The staff was basecoated with Bloodtracker Brown, then given a wash of GW Skaven Brown ink (from the original paint sets in the 1990s) for a beautiful, gnarled appearance.

Now they're off to further adventures!

The miniatures are from Reaper Miniatures and the wizard is Piers, Young Mage and the cat is the Kitty Cat from the Witch, Cauldron & Cat set.

Still trying to get a really good photo setup, but not there yet.  These are pretty good though.

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