Monday, March 09, 2015

Battle in the Glimmerwood

A fine battle was had this past weekend between my stepson and I.  His forces from the Protectorate of Menoth thought they could move through the Glimmerwood unchallenged, but they did not account for the Druids of Orboros.

Here we see some calculations after much 'jack bowling' was done.  It's impressive what a light warjack can do to a host of warriors when thrown through them with the full strength of a Feral Warpwolf.

Despite being initially set back on my heels in the early game (and set on fire a lot), I managed to endure the flame and finally take down Feora for the caster kill and the win.  Overall, it was a battlebox size game (only 14 pts) that we thought was going to be a quickie, and leave time for another game.  Instead, it turned into a 7 round beatdown with no quarter asked or given.  

Well played, Erik, well played, but you'll have to bring more to challenge the Devourer Wurm next time.  It was a great game, with each turn of each round pushing the 'lead' back and forth.  Just what a good game of Warmachine/Hordes should be.

Here's some detail of the next to last round, right before Kaya moved up to a better position, was charged by Feora who couldn't quite take her out, and the Warpwolf came thundering in to finish her.

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