Monday, May 27, 2013

Work in Progress (painting)

Here’s the latest work in progress for me.  It’s an Eldar Wave Serpent transport tank. 

I’m engaged in an escalation campaign for Warhammer 40000 (the miniatures wargame) with a friend of mine.  We did this to accelerate our painting, as we’ve included in our scenario rules penalties that apply to models that are unpainted.  Things like not being able to start on the table or other minor effects that encourage us to paint.  This way, hopefully, it continues to push our painting and I may one day actually have an army that I can field all-painted most of the time.  That would be nice, rather than this:


Yes, I have lots to paint.  Thankfully, now having finished with one training milestone, I can actually do some.  In between bouts of writing.  That way, my armies will eventually look entirely like this:

Work continues.  


Kevin McDonald said...

Lol...I will say the same thing I did 10+ years you will ever finish painting your collection is beyond me. But maybe food for thought is to include finish painting the miniatures by your kids to fulfill your legacy as a gamer.

Rowan said...

Hmmm, that might work. :-)

Discipline, and not buying very much over the last few years has allowed me to get more done.