Wednesday, July 03, 2013

The Geek Cave

Here's a few photos of what my friends and family affectionately call "the Geek Cave."  Right now it's in the basement, as there's only so much room to go around in military housing.

The centrepiece of the room here is the gaming table, which I use for RPGs, wargaming and any other projects.  My wife will also use it for quilting, as it's the biggest, baddest table in the house (6' long, 30" wide, built of solid 2x4s laminated together).

It's surrounded by my library, some of which you can see here.  Not just books, but lots of gaming books, wargames terrain, some mugs for drinking at the table, and lots of toys & collectables.  Here's a side shot of my Gamemaster chair.

Next up is the painting station.  I love having my painting stuff always out and ready.  Sadly, due to some impudent beasts, I can't always leave work in progress out.  Yes, there's a box on the window, because someone (Cassandra) feels the need to try to get up there.  That's when things start to fall down.

Here's my Warhammer 40k cabinet.  Not to be confused with the Warhammer Fantasy, Warmachine, Hordes, Firestorm Armada or other wargame model cabinets.  Yes, lots are unpainted.  We've covered this already, move along, move along.

Those are the highlights.  That's all really.  Just thought I'd show off a bit of my cave.  Later I'll get to the office, which is really just an extension of the cave where I have my desk, computer, more shelves and reading chair.


Hivemind aka Starminer said...

Ha. Awesome! That brings back lots of memories of some epic Roleplaying, and table top games! We miss you in Toronto!


Rowan said...

Yes indeed. If that table could speak, the stories it would tell...

Unknown said...

Yep...great memories at the table. Glad to see you have gotten that back up.

With the new house (and full basement) one of the first things I did was setup the Ikea shelving and unpack all my scenery and boxed games. Put a table in the middle, couch on the sides, accumulated a glass shelf and loaded it with Warhammer Fantasy. Setup a desk for painting/modeling.

I would post a pic, but the weeks following that being setup, family needs took over and boxes and other crap have amassed all around it.

Some day...I shall recover my space! In the Name of the Beard!

Rowan said...

Oh, the table's been up for a while, just haven't blogged about it.

It does get covered with stuff on a regular basis, but I try and keep it 'battle ready' most of the time.