Thursday, May 16, 2013

Fixing the landscape

So here’s a picture of the gaming table.  

You’ve seen it before, covered in wargames terrain.  However, this time there’s some sorting going on.  With the help of my youngest, we’ve broken the stuff down into trees, hedgerows, battlefield kit, rocks, buildings and (for lack of a better term) elaborate pieces.  The trees, rocks, battlefield kit and hedgerows will all go in small bins to keep the dust off and make storage easier.  It should also keep them in better condition, once I’ve fixed them up.  Here's a bunch of trees, with sand added to their bases:

The buildings all need some sort of repair, and then to be painted, but they can still go on a shelf.  The elaborate pieces, almost entirely being made of some form of Styrofoam, will need repair.  Two (or more) moves have not been kind to some of them. 

Thus, the remainder of this week will bring out the white glue, paint and modelling flock so as to bring all the terrain pieces up to an attractive and playable condition. 

As much as I have to assemble and paint models, which is still the primary activity, the last few games have been played with fully finished terrain (well, less the scuffs, scrapes and dents I plan to fix).  It reinforced the idea that having a core of good terrain pieces makes battles so much more cinematic.  Besides, if one is going to paint a bunch of toy soldiers to a high standard, why not give them the battlefield they deserve?


Kevin McDonald said...

With the new group I discovered here in KY, they appreciate what I have brought to the game. They used to have flat green painted tabletop, and used boxes sometimes, occasionally some cheap unpainted foam bits or even fish tank accessories.

Having experienced play with you early on in my Warhammer life, I have compiled a sizable chunk of good scenery. Built some decent hills (with paint and flock). And let me tell you, the game experience is at a whole new level now.

If I cannot make the session, they want to borrow some stuff.

Rowan said...

Terrain makes a big difference. Soon I plan to post up a 'how to' for the terrain style I make. It's so easy, but all too often we forget in the name of getting the models painted.

Good on ya' for upping the game in your area.