Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Hello all

I'm still around. Of course, after carrying on about my consistent word counts, I then go off the grid for entirely too long. However, I will admit to being preoccupied with a potential career change and various and sundry other things that would bore anyone to tears. Toss in a dash of procrastination and there it is. Typical, trademark long absence.

On the bright side, things are in the pipe and my potential day job change is out of my hands now. I'm heading back to the keyboard with renewed vigour. Since the day job isn't going anywhere, I figured I'd resculpt it to better suit my desires. However, until anything is solid, I'll put that away for now.

Next up will be a quick review of where my story is, and back at it. The challenge will be not to edit anything. I'm trying to get back on the forward progress, rather than going back.

At any rate, must go as the little one is paging us! I'll be back soon with more wit (or at least more ramblings and ravings, didn't you read the byline at the top?).


Bernita said...

So nice you're back at it - and blogging again.
And thank you for the wonderful, analytical comment on my blog.

Rowan said...

I do have a bad habit of disappearing for a while. And the snippet you put up was just awesome. I'll be around much more, now that things are in motion. Glad you stopped by.