Sunday, January 07, 2007

7k Total

After ten days of writing, I've managed a substantial 7421 words. I've stuck to 1 hour minimum per day, and I seem to be able to crank out from 700-800 words. Not bad. I'd love to increase that, but I'm happy to roll with a steady total for now. Once I've been able to produce that on a regular basis, then I'll up the ante and shoot for more.

I've found the hour/day target reasonable, as it allows for the day job, household tasks that can't be moved, and time for my family too. I only wish I could forgo sleep completely. That would free up lots of time.

The one thing I noticed, was that I took Friday off. I made up for it on the weekend, piling Friday's slot in the rest, but this may be a trend. Friday seems to be the one night where the whole week comes crashing down and I'm just bagged. Then Saturday morning I have loads more energy. We'll see, but I think it's a promising start. That whole journey of a thousand steps starts with one idea.


Tina said...

A steady flow is better than a huge flow. Just keep cranking out the words and before you know it you'll have a book on your hands.

Rowan said...

Better yet, a steady, huge flow! :-)
This was also the weekend of various Tasks. Particularly the cat door in the basement door so we can move the litter box and cat dishes there. My six month old is crawling, and finds cat food irresistible. She's fun to watch, and a good workout too.

Bernita said...

And I suspect steady "practice" can lead to a higher speed.

Heidi the Hick said...

Well I am happy to hear that somebody's getting words to come out!

I'm editing my fourth one now, while combing through the second one for errors. I'm not doing any new writing for a few months, other than a short story if it finds me. I've been picking away at this for twelve years, on and off, and you're right about setting a goal. An hour a day is excellent! Way better than an hour a year.

(Orangeville is lovely by the way.)

Rowan said...

Of course, as soon as I write this I go off the grid, with work and life grabbing me by the lapels and smacking me around. Nothing bad, just busy. *sigh* As I've said, SUCK IT UP. An hour a day begins again tonight.