Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Doubt demons and plasma guns!

Hello all, once again my rare wit graces these electrons. Mind you, rare seems to mean post frequency, rather than some level of genius, but I shall endeavour to maintain my own illusions. Helps keep up my (questionable) sanity.

On the writing front, I am continuing to churn away, though things such as real life continue to interfere. I've found that I can get through three or four scene outlines per evening, maybe a little more if I slide some in at lunch. Mind you, my scene outlines tend to run 1/4 to 1/2 page of longhand. It seems to get slower as I progress, while I double check things like timelines and past scenes to make sure everything is roughly in line. However, I can see the story take shape. I've already modified a few things. Mostly for timing. Amazing how you realize that certain events you thought were okay, move around dramatically (pun intended) when you start to detail things out. Little details, travel time, preparation, and that sense that your character just can't do something then, they have to wait, yet they're bound an determined to do it anyway!


On the bright side, it feels good that the characters are coming alive. They're starting to emerge from the page and become more real. The down side; the usual demons are stalking. Mostly the doubt demons. You know the ones, they whisper at you "why are you bothering, who would read this tripe" "that's so unoriginal it doesn't even qualify as boring" and that sort of stuff.

Fortunately I keep my mental plasma pistol handy. You just can't have too much plasma!

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