Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Main character done (for now)

I finished the outline for my main character. I'm sure I'll add/modify/change lots by the end, but you need a framework to start with. Mostly I just worked it Q&A style, with no particular direction. Some advice from Julie Czerneda at Toronto Trek 19 and Holly Lisle's website made me try that method, and it really kind of works. You wouldn't think so, but the trick is to let the questions flow. The lack of direction can be good because we all are the sum of various parts, odds, ends, experiences and other 'stuff.' I think I have a good feel for her now, at least to start spinning the story. Of course, I still have lots of primary characters left, but now we're getting somewhere.

To make it even better, I have started this week with continuous writing sessions and even managed to work out yesterday. Considering how often I'm at a desk, that's a refreshing change. I seem to have found my sweet spot between 9 and 10pm for writing. I figure a minimum of an hour at the keyboard, then a half hour workout and bedtime. I am certain this fascinates the reader, but flexing the mind and the muscles is feeling pretty good. Besides, have to get ready for the ski trip this year, though we're not sure where. The elliptical trainer we bought on sale is just the stuff for those leg muscles used to ski.

Tomorrow on to the next character. The secondary hero in the book, and maybe a romantic interest. We'll see...

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