Thursday, September 08, 2005

Day Job Hangover

Finally back at some good writing work. Nothing like a good pummelling at the day job to keep you away from the writing desk. Ah well, have to pay bills and such. Not much choice there. What a delicious vicious circle; the writing is (hopefully, eventually) to get away from the industry day job, yet the day job must be attended to which interrupts writing. And I thought the automotive industry was mental! One thing I love in life are these tasty paradoxes. The things that make you laugh, shake your head, and realize just how deep yet ridiculous life can be.

Now that things are less maniacal at work, I've gotten some good work done. I finished my gazetteers for the three nations featured in Queen's Legacy (I even have a title, how 'bout that?), as well as some history, climate and other geographical stuff done. Sounds dry, but maybe my science background forces me to make everything realistic (in a fantasy novel, no less. Refer to paradox comment above) and sensible. Things like forests and rivers, and their interaction. Why you'd have a plains area or a mountain range in a certain spot. Verisimilitude, that's the word. Even if the reader isn't pulled up short, I would be. It has to make sense. Now I'm on to characters. I'm starting with a question-answer method to flesh out my initial ideas. I did have to take the time to make a matrix of characters. I had them flitting about my head too much. At least now I have a basic list of the major players in the story, with more likely to be added later. Just the person's name, title (if any) and a few brief notes in two columns labeled 'who' and 'what.' (i.e. who they are and what they're expected to do in the story). Tonight, now that the little one's in bed and the bills/laundry/sundry other tasks done I am going to start my main character. Fun and a little scary. Here we go...


Tina said...

Thanks for checking out my blog at and for your encouraging comments. I've blogrolled you and plan to come back.

Don't dispair when you don't see comments. People are reading, trust me. I see you've even gotten a spam comment. You've arrived.

If you need help with any geeky weblog/blog stuff just let me know. I cut my geek teeth on Blogger while watching SG1 episodes!

Rowan said...

Thanks Tina, I appreciate that. I may take you up on that offer. Now if only I could get season 9 of SG-1 (no one in Canada seems to carry it *sob*)

Bernita said...

That's the way it is with me too, Rowan - things have to be based on reality or I can't write it.
And one thing about a "day job", as opposed to "writer in garret or oak-lined study" is you see people whose characteristics are all pure grist.