Monday, July 18, 2005

History 101

Whew, been busy lately. However, got my world mapped out and a bunch of locations figured out. I highly recommend a program like Campaign Cartographer or such, but maybe that's my engineer's love of drawings...
Now that everything's mapped, I'm noodling around a brief Gazetteer so that I can at least get the basics recorded. I know I'll be changing, tweaking and otherwise changing everything as the story progresses, but I have found that without wrapping my head around the locations I don't have the visuals in my head. I've give myself until Sunday to finish at least the basics, but I may alter my timeline if I get on a roll and give myself another week.
It's kinda funny, in that I'd love to get published and leave an industry that is addicted to timelines, schedules, plans and such, yet rely on framing my work in ... guess what ... a timeline. Still, for me it's effective to know that there's a plan to it all. Time given to worldbuilding and character development. Otherwise it would feel more like I'm doing all the prep work and not -really- writing. Of course, were my writing to earn a sale, there'd be the deadlines, but somehow it sounds more dire with deadline than timeline.
Then again, maybe I'm still slightly addled from too much fun and too little sleep at the convention.
Nice, now you're rambling. Then again, why not. It -is- my blog after all. :-)

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