Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Back to the world

Finally! Back to worldbuilding. Been a busy week, with my family on holiday, leaving me to build the fence for our (somewhat) newly sodded back yard. Isn't that nice of them? :-) Seriously, it takes several hours just to get everything staked out, material ordered, then arrange for delivery.
So after collapsing in a heap for two days after I and the neighbours did four yards in two days (yeah, yeah, whine-bitch-complain), I finally got back on track with my world building. Which basically consists of me writing myself questions, and answering them so that I can run through the logic. Fortunately there's no one with me or they'd think me stark, raving mad as I have a conversation with myself (including much hand-waving and gesticulation). Probably not foolproof, but when I compile the Q&A into my 'bible,' I can tweak the inconsistencies. Then map it out and move on to more character work. It's kinda fun, but I want to make sure it's real. Sounds kinda odd coming from a fantasy book, but you have to make things real for that world.
Sooner or later I'll get the progress bar up for my book. As soon as I figure out how to code it up. Once more unto the learning curve...

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