Monday, January 04, 2016

Welcome 2016

Welcome to all in 2016.

Last year was a good kind of madness.  Finished my Head of Department qualification, bought a new house, bought a new truck and generally did some big and bold things last year.  Some big steps and some good times.

There was a new Star Wars film, a review of which will come, pending my second viewing.

This year is the year of discipline, finishing the book and generally buckling down and getting things done.

So far, I've written on the first, third and fourth.  Good, solid words that will need editing, but nothing terrible.  I will admit that today's words came out in a trickle, but I did sit my ass down.  Next up is a scene I've been itching to write for a long time.  That will be tomorrow's job.

I did take January second to have a cool Firestorm Armada game, in which my stepson, my daughter and I played a custom scenario.  I'll post that up sometime soon for those who might be interested.  (The revised version, as we made some adjustments after the game we played)

I've also decided to take on a major model project for the year.  From my Bones II order, the Dragons Don't Share set is something I'm itching to work on.  This year, I'm going to make it the year's project.  To prep, build and paint the whole thing.

Inside the box there's also the whole castle ruin set.  It's a huge piece.

First step is to break out all the parts and give them a scrub to remove any mould release agents.

Here are the pieces (as well as the resin parts from my daughter's Legion of Everblight gargantuan) laid out ready for washing.  It's really helpful to have a large countertop in the ensuite, as I can move parts from one side to the other as they get done.

A good scrub with dishsoap and warm water.  No special secrets, just a good scrub and lay them out to dry.  Here are all the pieces for Dragons Don't Share.  The adventurers in the pictures are about 28mm high, for a sense of scale.

Looking forward to working on this one.

All in all, a good start to the year.

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