Thursday, April 30, 2015

And now, a pause...

I hope everyone enjoyed my short story "A Swordsman's Duty."  It was fun to write, and gives a bit of foreshadowing to Queen's Legacy, which will be done soon.

For the moment, postings will be sparse, as I'm ramping up the studying for my Head of Department board on the 11th of May.  After that, we're moving.  Not far, just from Colwood to Langford, but that takes the remainder of our efforts.

Once that's all done, then there'll be more postings of miniatures, writings and other ravings here.


William Underhill said...

Interesting! You wrote that for a contest on Baen, you said? Any nibbles on it?

Rowan said...

Nope. However there was a field of over 500 entries, and there could be only three, so no biggie there. If you don't submit, then your chances are already zero. Mostly I wrote it for the contest specifically, rather than as something to submit generally. I also had some good beta readers. (alpha readers actually, since it was a short timeline, having only learned of the contest just before going to meet REG halfway through)

Now that we're much more sorted out, time to focus on finishing the book.