Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Unboxing the War Chest

Posts have been scarce lately.  We've had our kitchen redone, an exchange student come to visit and all the ensuing cleanup, reorganization and other stuff.  Frankly, it's been crazy around here, but the good kind.

However, since I just got my Kickstarter backer reward from the Warmachine Tactics computer game, I thought I'd post up the unboxing.  Especially since the war chest is only now reaching backers.

It's a pretty beautiful piece of work, but let's get on with the photos, shall we?

First, the box.  Well, the mailing box.  And another box inside the box. (Rather well packaged, actually)

My Ironclad warjack wanted to check it out too.  Either that or he just wanted some attention and paint.
Next we open the box, and find, another box!  Only this one is wooden, with sexy sigils on the front.

Very nice.  The gold is thick too, not just a brief dusting across the top.  Ironclad approves!  Inside, there's a large foam sheet.  We pull it up and...
(he's very curious, that Ironclad)

Inside, that thick foam holds in place all the goodies.  There's a coin for each faction's journeyman warcaster, as well as one for Tactics and an additional one for the alternate Sturgis sculpt.  Each of the journeymen models (and the extra bits for evil Sturgis - those and the extra coin I added as additional rewards) are tucked into the cubbies in the lower foam.

Everything arrived super safe, and all the parts are there, which I checked shortly after the photo above. Ironclad can vouch for me, he was watching the whole time.  You can see the special edition dice (which has Cygnar on the six, of course, as that's the way it should be)

Also included were the patches for journeyman and mage, as well as a rather nice thank-you postcard.  All the cards necessary for the models are in there too, including duplicate Sturgis ones (Cygnar and Cryx).

The design of the whole box is pretty sweet.  The lower foam is the harder kind, and you could put your limited sculpt models in there with the coins.  I might want to add some softer foam if they were fully painted, but I doubt this set will see a lot of bumping and jostling, so not a big deal.  The circles for the coins look large enough to hold the coins even if you had them in those plastic coin protectors, so that's pretty cool.  

Here's a shot of the coins themselves.  They are probably the most beautiful part of the whole package.  I admit I just took the photos on my desk, so the quality may be lacking.  I also left the coins in the plastic for now, as I plan to get some protectors in the near future.

And finally, the models in all their glory (unassembled for now, will get on them when I get my gaming table back from the heaps of stuff on it at the moment).

Ironclad agrees; the War Chest is pretty awesome.  (Now paint me!)

I'm looking forward to getting the models together and giving them some paint.  Unfortunately, I'm posted to HMCS Regina in a few weeks, so will have to wait until I get back before I can really give them a go.

Until then, there's a brief preview of the Warmachine Tactics Kickstarter War Chest.  

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