Saturday, January 03, 2009

Hit the stride today

First off, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year, and Happy any other reason you can think of. Good mood today, and I'm lookin' to share the joy.

I hit a pretty good stride today. The last entry was what, July? Yep. After a whirlwind in August of getting my family moved to the west coast, then slamming into the MARS III course like a winged brick hitting the ground, I've had the holidays to reclaim my writing.

Well, that and actually dig my way through all the boxes and such to get at my stuff. Let's just say the movers made a mess of everything. Just put it wherever, and it took three days just to bring order to the madness and get sorted enough to have bedrooms, living room and kitchen that could be productive. Oh well, part of the job, I guess.

That said, I did pass the course, so now I'm in MARS IV, and if all goes well, I'll be in the fleet sometime in May/June. Yay me! First, let's pass the course. Gonna screw with the writing something fierce, but balance, young padawan, balance.

On the writing front, I got fully reacquainted with the WIP, and tonight I'm bashing out some serious forward progress. Not sure how many words yet, but at least a thousand or so. Just taking a break to get some tea and loosen the mind a touch. I didn't revise anything, just reread some bits, checked my references, and carried on. Well, I did add a note on the hardcopy I had to include some description of the main character at one point. Realized I didn't have any! I'll get that on revision, but it's good to remember. Not such a good thing to forget. Just as I promised myself not to go back all the time, I also promised to make notes and have a list of things to remember, whether it's names for bit-players I made up on the fly, or just what colour someone's horse is. It's small things, but if they get mixed up, it just makes me wince as a reader.

Right then, enough of my rambling, just rejoining the blogosphere. Pipe the carry on.

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