Monday, November 27, 2006

Outline done!

The outline for Queen's Legacy is done! I've done a brief on every scene, so I have the framework I can wrap the prose around. Of course, like any plan, it's unlikely to survive three seconds contact, but at least I've got all the bases covered plotwise. I've got all the necessary characters involved, and I think the pacing should be good. We'll see as it becomes a full work.

However, as my reward, I get to play with some toy soldiers for a bit (translate: put together some warhammer models that have been lurking on the shelf for too long). That and a Terry Goodkind novel that's been whispering my name from the other end of the library for a few days now.

I'm taking a few days to relax the mind, and then dig right back in. I think I need to check the timeline for a few things, plus there are a few details I need to clean up. However, it's time to throw down and write the story. At this point, I can't prevent it from coming out. I couldn't quit if I wanted to. Whether or not it eventually reaches publication, I need to write the story. To get it out and on paper, make it as good as possible, then start the next one. I love the 'high' of creation.

Beyond that, writing is the only thing I've focused on for the past weeks. Damn it feels good to have the outline finished. I'm going to go revel in my personal glory.

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