Thursday, April 06, 2006

A small taste

What a great day yesterday. I felt like I had a taste of the life of a full-time writer. My company has a policy of giving everyone their birthday as a day off. Very nice. The best part was that I spent the bulk of the workday writing. Aside from a short jaunt to take the car for an oil change, as well as walking my daughter to and from school, I had the day to myself to get some work done.

And boy, did I get work done. I took the original plot outline, and basically tore it apart and reassembled it. Combining the ideas generated by creating my main cast of characters, plus assorted brainstorms, as well as reviewing and wondering "what did I mean there?" I think I've managed to refine and clean the whole storyline. Funny how a lot of thinking and work boils down to four or five pages of notes. Doesn't look like much, but it's the quality that counts here.

Next step: let it lie and tomorrow, give it another pass, just to be sure, and then type it in so I can back it up all over the place. That final look is what I call the 'morning after' check, when painting models. Sure, when you've been milking the muse until 3am to finish that Necron lord model, you go back the next morning and put it under some sunlight, and you find a spot you missed and a few highlights to fix. Then it's done. But I digress.

After I've got the outline done, my next goal is to get every scene plotted out. It sounds a bit crazy, and I know I won't get every scene down on the list, but I have found myself to be more of a structural writer, I like to keep control and know where the scene is going. That said, I'm not going to be chained to the outline, just need a roadmap of sorts.

Not much done today, though. Must remember the mistake in having a middle-of-the-week vacation day. The day job was insane today, which sapped all the energy, not to mention the overtime. Ah well, must pay bills and such (repeat as required).

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