Sunday, November 20, 2005

Plugging along

Hello all, just plugging along. Working characters, painting some models, getting blindsided by life, work, all that business.
First off, I have to say staying up late for three weeks to get miniatures painted for the Astronomi-con tournament was worth it. I still didn't finish, but 3:00am the Friday before the tourney I called it a night. Oh well, no painting points for me, but I was happy with the results on the models I did finish. Maybe later I'll post up some pictures. Otherwise, I had a blast. I won some games, lost some, but had lots of fun in some really cool battles against some awesome opponents. The sportsmanship level was incredible! What a great bunch of players. The organizers deserve every beer we had after the whole thing was over.
Sadly, that does little for the writing life, but I made my choices. As a friend and I adopted as our motto on a six day backpacking trip in Algonquin, "suck it up, nancy boy!" Always said with a smile, but you can never tell if it's a happy smile or the sweet cackle of madness!
On the writing front, I've been working up characters, trying to not only detail their lives, but get a feel for their voice. I had an interesting conversation with my main character this evening. She can be a testy one, let me tell you, but I think she'll do what I want.

Me, the author: So, Arin, are you ready for this?

Arin: Ready for what? Who are you anyway?

Me: I’m the author. It’s my job to tell your story.

Arin: Um, well, if it’s my story, then why aren’t I telling it? Who made you the Lord of the Books?

Me: I did. It’s my book.

Arin: It’s my story.

Me: Well, without me you won’t get it told.

Arin: Why not? I can tell a story as well as anyone.

Me: Yeah, but I’ve got the writing skill. You play ringette and are studying plants.

Arin: You’re an engineer, not a writer. Don’t feed me that line.

Me: Where did you find that out?

Arin: It’s a couple subfolders over. You really should watch the file sharing with Windows.

Me: We’re getting off point here. I need you to take a walk over to the library.

Arin: I was just there yesterday. I don’t need anything from there.

Me: Yes, but I hadn’t cast those guys yet. Go back.

Arin: No. What guys?

Me: Never mind. Just go get some books you forgot you needed. There is a test on Friday you know.

Arin: There is not!

Me: Oh yes there is, double-check your daybook. It’s there.

Arin: This wasn’t there before. Wait. That’s not my writing! You’re cheating!

Me: I would be if I wasn’t the writer. See my point?

Arin: Piss on you. I’m not going to the damn library, and you can’t make me!

Me: [typing] Arin was meandering up Queen St., heading for the town library.

Arin: What the F!$%*! I’m in my pyjamas! It’s freakin’ nine thirty! TAKE. ME. HOME.

Arin: NOW!!!!!!!!

Me: Temper temper. I’ll do what you want if you go to the library tomorrow.

Arin: Fine! I’ll go, for the extra material, for this stupid imaginary test, that I’ll pass with no problem anyway. Just to spite you.

Me: I’m fine with that. [typing] Sitting at her desk, Arin realized she had neglected to get the issue of Botany which had an article she needed to review for her upcoming test. She would have to head back to the library tomorrow.

Arin: And I don’t meander. It’s the walking equivalent of slouching.

Me: Whichever. We can revise.

Arin: If you have to revise, you aren’t much good then, are you.

Me: Everyone revises. It’s normal.

Arin: Uh huh.

Me: Off topic again.

Arin: Just shut up and go away. Come back when you’re starting this story.

As you can tell, this should be...interesting. At least I have her voice. Now if only I could get som cooperation.

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